I'm trying to offer some solidarity to a great fellow, Jose Figueroa, who is currently living in sanctuary in a church in Langley. Please help us send a message to the Canadian government to resolve this case quickly and favourably, and do not deport him! (I've helped out with a couple of websites, email lists, and press releases, flyers and other campaign materials.)

We Are Jose is a non-partisan campaign to reverse Jose Figueroa's unjust deportation order of May 2010.

Jose Figueroa is a Salvadoran-Canadian living in Langley, B.C. He’s married, a loving father of three and a productive member of the community. He has lived in Canada for over 15 years.

Jose and Ivania came to Canada as a refugees over 15 years ago, as he faced danger, having spoken out against a repressive military dictatorship during a violent civil war in El Salvador. Canada accepted him on these grounds, but then, 13 years later, the government decided they want to deport him for the same reason he was originally permitted into Canada. And this simply does not make any sense.

Twenty years ago, Jose was a member of his college student group associated with the opposition movement speaking out against a violent military regime that killed thousands of civilians. The opposition group was a popular broad based coalition its name Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN)—an organization that opposed the military dictatorship. After the civil war ended in 1992, the FMLN became a political party and is the current government of El Salvador.

Due to some overly broad legislation, Canada has mistakenly labeled the FMLN as a terrorist organization, and Jose by extension as a terrorist—when he stood up for human rights against a military dictatorship that used death squads against any opposition.

Jose and his wife have settled down in during the past 15 years, and have three Canadian born children, including an autistic son. His children have lived in Canada all their lives, and they need their father here. It would be a tragedy to uproot him and separate this family just because the government doesn’t understand his story.

We are asking all Canadians to help us reverse the deportation order. Help us get a response from the Canadian government. IN SOLIDARITY, FOR FAMILY UNITY.